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Satin Luxe Stars

Satin Luxe Stars

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Feast your eyes on the Satin Luxe Stars! This lush satin look has a beautiful matte finish that will add a touch of luxury and elegance to any room. Enjoy a sophisticated look with these classic satin Luxe Stars.

Size: 17"

Satin Luxe is more matte and does not have a high gloss shine like metallic colors. 

This item comes helium-filled with an attached ribbon. Don't forget your weight.

Typically we don't carry all the colors in the store. We can get your selected color with a few days' notice. Email or give us a call at 402-906-2128

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    How long will my balloons last?


    • Helium: All of our helium filled latex balloons contain Hi-Float, which prolongs the float time. Shipped latex balloons will not contain hi-float. We find that our balloons generally last at least 3 days when hi-float is used, but typically longer when kept indoors! The float time of your balloons will depend on the environmental conditions of the space and we cannot guarantee that the balloons will last any specific amount of time.
    • Air Filled: Air-filled balloons when kept in a temperature-controlled environment can last for several weeks.

    Outdoors: Although we use the highest quality balloons available on the market, balloons naturally do not do well in the sun. Temperature, humidity, sunlight, rain, and wind may affect the stability and longevity of your balloons outdoors. Since air & helium expands when it's hot, the balloons tend to pop when in direct sun (especially dark-colored balloons). We always recommend placing your balloons in a shaded area to ensure they look great for your event!

    Balloon Care

    Pick Up: prepare your vehicle. Make sure you have the seats down or the back seat clear of objects. Remove anything sharp from the area the balloons will be. Keep your vehicle cool in the warm months.

    Delivery: prepare your space. Make sure the space is clean and free of debris. Ensure our team has sufficient room to work. Remove anything sharp from the area the balloons will be.

    • Balloons look their best at room temperature – keep them warm on cool days and cool on warm days. Balloons can burst if they get too warm!

    • Inhalation of helium can be harmful. Never breathe in helium.

    • Uninflated or broken balloons can create a choking hazard. Keep an eye on your little ones.

    • After your party properly dispose of uninflated balloons. We can recycle and reuse balloon weights and transport bags.

    • Do not release balloons into the air. Help keep balloons out of our waterways and powerlines.

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      • No longer do you have to worry sketchy online kits from marketplaces only to have those balloons arrive misshaped, bad smelling, or cheaply produced in foreign factories overseas.
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