Graduation 2024 - Marquee Lights Rental

Light up your special occasion with marquee lights! Enjoy a captivating and ambient atmosphere that will make your event stand out from the rest. Create lasting memories with lights that will bring life to any event!

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Thanks for your interest and we look forward to making your event shine!!

  • Each letter is 3 feet tall & each number is 4 feet tall.
  • The balloon garlands can be made in colors of your choices.
  • Prices shown do not include taxes or delivery fees
  • Package 1 - $225

    GRAD" Letters only - No balloons 

  • Package 2 - $393

    "GRAD" Letters + Balloon Garland 

    *Your choice of balloon colors

  • Package 3 - $135

    "24" Numbers only - No Balloons 

  • Package 4 - $247

    "24" Numbers + Balloon Garland 

    *Your choice of balloon colors

  • Package 5 - $255

    "2024" Numbers only - No Balloons 

  • Package 6 - $423

    "2024" Numbers + Balloon Garland 

    *Your choice of balloon colors

  • Grad Hat - $50

    A perfect addition to any display!

    Size: 3ft wide x 20" tall

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are they?

Letters = 3 Feet Tall

Numbers = 4 Feet Tall

How long is the rental for?

Rentals are for 1 day. We will drop off and pick up the same day. If you are picking up from our store they are due back the next day. Additional days can be accommodated for an extra fee.

Can you deliver, set up & tear down?

Yes, we offer convenient delivery & setup. Our removal service comes with our delivery.

What does delivery, Install & removal cost?

Delivery, Install & Removal start at $65.

Packages 1,2,5, & 6 MUST be delivered and picked up by our team.

Delivery is base on venue address and can very. Additional fees for late night pickups after 10pm can apply.

You will receive a quote before you complete your order.

Can I pick them up at your store?

Only packages 3 & 4 can choose store pickup.

However, if you are getting balloons we recommend delivery due to the size of the marquees & balloons.

All other packages must be delivered due to size.

How soon should I book?

The sooner the better. Graduation season fills up very quickly. All orders are subject to availability. Orders accepted under 96 hours prior to the event start time may have a rush fee applied to the order.

Booking process

  1. Fill out our inquiry form. This allows us to gather all the info we need to send you a quote.
  2. Once we receive your inquiry, we will send you a quote for you to review.
  3. After you accept our quote, we will send you a link to collect payment for the order. Please note, your date & the marquees are NOT reserved until payment has been received.
  4. We will confirm with you a few days before your event to make sure no details have changed. We'll also go over delivery if you have opted for that.

What color are they?

The frames are white with warm white led bulbs. The lights do not get hot to touch, however please don't touch the bulbs.

What is all included?

If you are choosing delivery & setup. We will bring all the equipment with us that might be needed for the setup.

Store pickup includes the letter or numbers and a tote of other supplies that is need. Such as extension cords, weights, extra bulbs.

You will not need to supply additional items for them to be functional.

Indoors or outdoors?

Suitable for both. We advise that if rain or bad weather is in the forecast and your planning to have your setup outdoors. We suggest that you also have a alternative location indoors that the light can be moved to.

You are responsible for damaged caused by water or rain. Damage fees apply.

Is electricity required?

The lights do require a power supply.

Can you add balloons to them?

Yes!! we encourage you to add on balloon the marquees. All balloons are an additional charge.