• 1. Inquiry form

    We'll ask you to fill out the inquiry form found below which gathers info we need to make your balloon order and event a success!

  • 2. Proposal & Quote

    Once we receive your submission we begin working on your quote. You will typically here back from us within 24 hours. During our peak season please allow up to 48 hours. During this stage we will finalize designs and colors.

  • 3. Invoice & Contract

    After the designs and color palette are approved, an invoice and contract will be sent your way! To officially book the date & delivery time for your event, we require that you pay a 50% of the order total and electronically sign the contract.

  • 4. Delivery & Install

    Prior your event date we'll send you a message to confirm our delivery timeline. At that time the order cannot be canceled without the receiving the $100 cancelation fee. Our team will arrive at your event with enough time to finish the set up before your event begins. Generally setup take at least one hour but can vary depending on the scope of your event.

  • Store

    We encourage you to come visit our retail store located at 798 Village Square, Gretna, NE 68028. We can discuss options for your event decor, you can view our latex colors in person & see the example of work in our store. Find our retail hours here. If you would like to give us a heads up please fill out the inquiry form and leave in the notes that you would like to make an appointment to finalize the details in person.


How soon should I order?

The sooner the better to ensure you get your date & time for your event. Dates & times are on a first come first serve basis.

We prefer at a minimum 2-3 weeks before your event. However, In most cases we accept orders up to 7 days prior.

Orders placed less than one week in advance may be subject to a rush fee. This is to ensure we can rush ship products needed, rearrange our delivery schedule, and pay staff to stay later or come in early to prepare your order.

Do you deliver & set up?

Yes, all large decor items are delivered and set up at your event location by our team. Most items do not fit in traditional vehicles and require our larger van.

Every venue has various policies on balloons. You should check with your venue prior to booking to ensure they allow balloons. You should let them know you plan to have balloon decor delivered for your event.

Delivery & Install fee?

The delivery & install fee varies depending on several factors.

The event location and the scope of the work will determine the total cost.

We do offer drop off delivery on certain items. You can indicate your preference on our inquiry form.

How long do the balloons last?

Indoors: Air-filled balloons, when kept in a temperature-controlled environment, can last several weeks. If you are looking for your decor items to stay up for a multi day event let us know during booking. However, we cannot guarantee the balloons will last any specific amount of time. 

Outdoors: Although we use the highest quality balloons available on the market, balloons naturally do not do well in the sun. Temperature, humidity, sunlight, rain, and wind may affect the stability and longevity of your balloons outdoors. Since air & helium expands when it's hot, the balloons tend to pop when in direct sun (especially dark-colored balloons). We always recommend placing your balloons in a shaded area to ensure they look great for your event!

Please note that once the balloons are picked up from our store or we install the balloons and leave the job site we have no control over how long the balloons will last.

What happens at the end of my event?

There are a couple of options.

1. You are responsible for disposal of the balloons and the breakdown of any framework and equipment used. You will be required to return them to our store with 72 hours of your event.

2. We can come back and "strike" your event. Our team will return at the end of your event and remove the balloons (you can keep them if you'd like) and take down the equipment. Pricing starts at $50

**Note not all decor items that are delivered use equipment that is required to be returned. You will be notified during the booking process if your decor involves equipment that needs to be returned to us.

I already bought balloons. Can you use mine?

For large decor items no, we can not guarantee the quality or speculate about the longevity of balloons not provided by us. If they are defective or burst, during or after inflation there may not be enough balloons necessary for your decor design. It is more time and cost effective for you to order the balloon decor from us using our balloons.

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