• Purchased balloons elsewhere? Check out our filling policy.

    ** Most foil balloons, especially ones purchased off amazon, are too small and will not float even when filled with helium.

    Most of these balloons are cheap chinese knock offs of the american companies. The overall balloon is much smaller then the american one which is why they are cheaper. The foil material they use is to heavy or the balloon is too small and there’s not enough helium in it to make it float.


I bought a DIY garland arch kit on Amazon. Can you put it together for me?

We no longer assemble DIY kits using balloons purchased outside of our store. The quality of these balloons from Amazon are very poor and often include toxins, which is why typically they have a very bad odor.

We are happy to help you match latex colors and provide suggestions if you have a certain image you are using for inspiration.

Can I bring my own balloons to be filled with helium?


Can I use my own weights?

Yes, if you have weights you have previously purchased we can use them. You can also bring in candy bars, stuffed animals or other items to use a weight.

What is the cost to have them helium filled?

Generally due to the quality of product you get elsewhere. It is more time and cost effective for you to order balloons from us.

If you plan to bring your own balloons the prices per each balloon are:

  • 11" Latex = $2.60
  • Jumbo Latex = $24.99
  • 18" Mylar foils (standard size) = $3.49
  • Large Foil Shapes = starting at $5.99
  • Numbers or Letters = $6.99

How long will they last?

We can not guarantee the quality or speculate about the longevity of balloons not provided by us.

I'm looking for an item but didn't see it on your site. Do you special order items?

Yes, if you have checked our site and your not seeing an item or theme you are looking for email us first info@inflateballoons.com

Often times we don't carry every character or style of every theme. We can order in items. Please give ample notice generally at least a week for your items to arrive.

Can I bring them in ahead of time? (pre-order)

Yes, we prefer this as you will save time on the day of your event. You can bring them in anytime we are open.  We can write up your order and will have them ready for pick up at your requested time. If you are unable to bring in ahead of time you can still bring in for same day filling. 

I have confetti balloons can you fill them?

Confetti balloons are discouraged as the confetti does not stick to the side as in the online images. It will just lay on the bottom. These balloons are not treated with hi-float and have a MUCH shorter float time (less then 8 hours).

Do you fill number balloons?

Yes. 34"-40" are $6.99 per balloon for helium filling.

Check the size. Numbers that are 16" are intended to be air-filled only. They won't float even if we fill them with helium.