Bring Your Own FAQ

FAQ regarding balloons not purchased here.

We don't charge for the balloon, you are buying the helium.

    • Can I bring in my own balloons?
      • Yes, You can bring in your own balloons. Swing by our store and drop them off. We can write up your order and have them ready on the day of your event. If you are unable to bring in ahead of time you can still bring in for same day filling.¬†
    • What is the cost for helium?¬†
      • 11" Latex balloons that you bring in to fill are $2.30 each which includes our hi-float treatment. Other size latex please call us.. Mylar (foil) start at $3.49 & increase depending on size and shape. Foil numbers or letters that you bring in are $6.99 each. All prices include the helium, string and a weight.
    • Can I bring them in ahead of my event day?¬†
        • Yes, we prefer this as you will save time on the day of your event. You can bring them in anytime we are open.¬† We can write up your order and will have them ready for pick up at your requested time. If you are unable to bring in ahead of time you can still bring in for same day filling.¬†
    • Can I pick them up the night before my event and will they last overnight.¬†
      • Short answer is yes, they should. We treat all latex with Hi-float which helps prolong float time. Keep in mind helium expands in heat and contracts in cold conditions. If kept indoors and away from the elements you should be good. Keep in mind we do not have control over the quality of latex balloons purchased elsewhere.¬†


    ** Most foil balloons, especially ones purchased off amazon, are too small and will not float even when filled with helium. Most of these balloons are made by knock off Chinese companies. The foil material they use is to heavy or the balloon is too small and there’s not enough helium in it to make it float. Make sure the size is at least 34" for numbers and 11" for latex **

    Confetti balloons are discouraged as the confetti does not stick to the side as in the online images. It will just lay on the bottom. These balloons are not treated with hi-float and have a MUCH shorter float time.

     All balloons will include string and a weight to secure the balloon. 

      All of our helium latex balloons are treated with Hi-Float, this prolongs the float time. We find that our balloons last at least 48 hours when hi-float is used, this does depend on a number of factors including temperature changes. We recommend helium balloons for indoor use. While this generally does increase float time it is not a guarantee for how long they will last. Once items leave our store we have no control over how long they will float.