What is a Bubble House?

Our Bubble House is an inflatable dome with an attached entry/exit tunnel. The dome is approximately 10 feet deep and 7.5 feet tall. The attached entry/exit area is an additional 6.5 feet long. The dome area has a continuous flow of air that circulates numerous balloons around to create a stunning effect. All guests are sure to capture marvelous photos/videos and have a dazzling experience. 

Bubble House In Action...

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Base Level

Standard Setup $295

A 3-hour rental of our Bubble House. You'll get:

  • One - Bubble House. Filled with 100 Balloons 
  • Ground Tarp, Air Blower, & Extension Cord. 
  • Shoe organizer & Entry Rug
  • Rules & Welcome Sign 
  • Delivery (free within 15 miles of our store) 
  • Set-up, & removal by our team

Enhance the look

We offer a number of upgrades that can elevate the overall experience and look of the Bubble House. Neon Glow Party?

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  • 1. Inquiry & Event Details

    Click the book now button below. Fill out our form and well send you a quote.

  • 2. Customize

    You'll be able to add a number of upgrades to customize the Bubble House to match your party theme with a balloon garlands or other add-ons. After you've made any selections we'll send you your invoice & contract. 

  • 3. 48-Hours

    Our team will contact you 48-hours prior to your event confirming your rental details. A reschedule must be made at this time if bad weather is imminent. 

  • 4. Set Up

    Our team will arrive at least 1 hour prior to your event to set up the rentals, snap a few pictures, and answer any questions you may have. We will also review rules and instructions in case of inclement weather. 

  • 5. Party Time

    Kick off those shoes, store them in the provided shoe organizer, & get in! Be sure to take lots of photos and videos to remember this unique moment!

  • 6. Break Down

    At the end of your event window our team will work to break down the rentals, do a general clean up of the area, and thank the party host.

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What's all included with my rental?

A 3-hour rental of our Bubble House. You'll get:

  • One - Bubble House. Filled with 100 Balloons 
  • Ground Tarp, Air Blower, & Extension Cord. 
  • Entry Rug & Shoe Organizer
  • Rules & Welcome Sign 
  • Delivery (free within 15 miles of our store) 
  • Set-up, & removal by our team

If you choose add-on options additional equipment maybe included.

What is your service area? Can you deliver & setup?

We serve the omaha metro and surrounding communities. We deliver and set up the Bubble House for you. We also remove and tear down at the end of your event.


Distance is measured from our store: 798 Village Square, Gretna, NE 68028. We will calculate mileage from our store to the event address via Google Maps using the first displayed route.

  • Under 15 miles = No Charge
  • 16-20 miles = $15 +$0.40 per mile
  • 21-35 miles = $25 + $0.40 per mile
  • 36 – 50 miles = $50 + $0.40 per mile
  • 51 – 100 miles = $75 + $0.40 per mile
  • Over 100 miles = please email us info@inflateballoons.com

The actual charge will be calculated and documented on the final invoice. 

Weather & Cancellation Policy

Our weather can be rather unpredictable, so we provide you with the option to reschedule or cancel your event up to 48 hours prior to the event start time.

If we deliver and set up, and it then rains or severe weather occurs, there will be no rain check, refund, or discount. We understand that situations do arise, however, if severe weather is imminent we recommend you reschedule the Bubble House for a later date.

We require cancellation 48 hours in advance. Please keep in mind that all deposits & payments are non-refundable.

Can balloons be added to the exterior of the bubble house?


Not only can they be added, but we highly recommend it! We would love to style your Bubble House with our signature organic balloon garlands on the exterior. It's the perfect way to pump up your party and create that epic photo op for you and your guests! We will work with you to custom design balloon garland add ons that fit your budget and vision.

What is the size of the Bubble House?

The dome is approximately 10 feet deep and 7.5 feet tall. The attached entry/exit area is an additional 6.5 feet long. Please see the next question for the required amount of space needed for an indoor setup.

Where can the Bubble House be setup?

We can setup the Bubble House both Indoors & Outdoors. Smooth flat surfaces are needed to ensure a smooth operation. We can set up on grass, turf, concrete, smooth pavers, sports court.

For your safety and to avoid damage to our Bubble House, we unfortunately CANNOT set up on asphalt, gravel/rocks/sand, on/near dirt or uneven surfaces.

  • Outdoor setups are available April - Mid/Late October. We recommend you trim down the grass and clean up any debris such as leaves and sticks in the area where the Bubble House will be located and the surrounding area. During the warm summer months we recommend the bubble house be in a shaded area. The interior can get quite warm in the sun.

  • Indoor setups we recommend large open areas so the Bubble House will not rub or bounce into anything. You must have at least and area that is 15 feet wide by 20 feet deep and 12 feet high.

We may require you to send us pictures of the party space before your event date.

How many people can be inside the bubble house at once?

The Bubble House does not have a weight limit; however, it is highly recommended that no more than 4-5 children/adults go inside at one time. We recommend that participants are of a similar age at all times to ensure safety, especially for smaller children.

Can you set up at public venues and parks?

yes, most parks & venues allow the Bubble House. If you plan to use the Bubble House at a public park please reach out to us with the specific park.

Please contact your venue directly to confirm with them on their policies. You should also inform the venue of our arrival. Please note if we show up to a venue and are unable to complete the delivery any payments made are non-refundable.

What if there is no access to electricity?

No problem we can set up the Bubble House in even the most remote locations. We offer a generator rental for an additional cost.

Is your company insured?


How is the bubble house secured?

Safety is our #1 priority. We use high-quality, durable equipment to keep our bubble house secured to the ground such as sandbags or stakes.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes! We require an initial payment of $150 as a non-refundable booking deposit to reserve your date & time.

During the booking process you will receive a payment schedule for the remaining balance and any other add ons if applicable. Your entire balance must be paid in full one week before your event date.

How far in advance should I make my reservation?

Orders should be placed as early as possible. Event set up dates and times are first come first serve and can fill up quickly. Orders placed less than one week in advance may be subject to a rush fee. This is to ensure we can rush ship products needed, rearrange our delivery schedule, and pay staff to stay later or come in early to prepare your order.

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