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Graduation Organic Balloon Garland

Graduation Organic Balloon Garland

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Organic means the balloons along the garland are multiple sizes vs all the same size as in a classic arch. Balloons sizes can vary from 4" to 18"

This item requires us to set up & install on site.

You can choose as many colors as you'd like. Mini shapes can be removed if you wish to not have them. The colors of the star points and numbers will best match the latex colors. 

Images displayed are 8ft by 8 ft examples. Smaller sizes garlands will included less foil shapes. 

Prices start at $85 for 4x4. Please contact us at this form to inquire about ordering mention organic garland and the size you are interested in:

If you are interested in a 6ft organic garland that you can pickup at our store and hang yourself visit this product.




Designed to last at least 2 days indoors. Typically this will last much longer however we cannot guarantee the balloons will last any specific amount of time.  


Columns are a piece of art and hand build from scratch by our team. The balloon positions and sizes may vary from the mock up illustration. 


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