Delivery Terms & Conditions

The last slot for delivery closes at 4pm weekdays & 2pm weekends for same day delivery. Each delivery slot closes 2 hours before the start time for that window. Example: the delivery window is 1pm-3pm you must order before 11am for that slot. Please note if you are placing a large order that requires significant time for us to prepare your order. We may need reschedule for a later delivery time. If this is the case we will contact you via phone before making changes. This policy only applies to helium items. Decor items such as columns, arches or garlands require 48 hour notice. Rush fees will apply for orders placed less then 48 hours before pickup or delivery and are subject to availability. 

We deliver within 15 miles from our store. 798 Village Square, Gretna, NE 68028. For delivery outside of 15 miles please call us to place your order. There is a base delivery fee $12 + a per mile fee. 

Short summary ‚Äď

    • If no one is available to accept the balloons and we can't find a safe space or person to leave the balloons with or weather does not permit. We will attempt to call you to find a solution, if we are unable to reach you or there is no other solution the balloons will be sent back to our¬†store for¬†someone to collect the same day by 6pm weeknights or 4pm on Saturday's & 2 pm on Sunday's. You will be able to pick up your missed delivery during store hours. If you select a late night delivery and the delivery is not successful you will be able to collect the balloons the following day.¬†There are no refunds for failed delivery or if you are unable to collect the balloons.¬†Rescheduled delivery is not available. If you are ordering balloons as a gift, to make the delivery as successful as possible, we recommend confirming with the recipient that the location you selected accepts deliveries & that they will be at the delivery location during the delivery¬†window you selected¬†on your selected delivery date. It may also be helpful if you include the recipients name & contact number into the order notes.¬†

The long version -

    • When no one is available to accept delivery (including if you don't hear the doorbells or knocks), a number of actions below will be taken depending on the situation. We will only contact you¬†we can't find a safe space or person to leave the balloons with or weather does not permit. If we are unable to reach you or there is no other solution the balloons will be sent back to our studio for¬†someone to collect during business hours.¬†Please note that we can only wait for a maximum of¬†5 minutes at each location to meet delivery deadlines.
    • We will make a judgement¬†on whether¬†it is safe to leave the balloons outside (normally tied to your door handle or railing post). If the balloons are left without being handed directly to someone, we will take a photo and let you know via text. If it¬†is too windy outside or weather conditions do not permit we will take the balloons back to our studio. If all else fails, such as 1) you live in an apartment and we can not access the building, or 2) in¬†a gated house where there is nothing to securely attach the bag to, or 3) we can not access the business you requested the balloons be delivered to or the business does not accept deliveries. We will have take the balloons back to our studio for someone to¬†collect.
    • Given that we have left the balloons outside or with a receptionist or front office staff as it was deemed safe to do so by our delivery driver, but you do not find the balloons where we had left them due to a number of reasons (e.g. the weather has changed and the wind blew them away, balloons were stolen by passer by or the business staff lost, or incorrectly delivered them to the recipient),¬†we are not obligated to refund.¬†You have¬†agreed to the delivery terms and conditions at checkout¬†and we will be able to provide you with a photo of where the balloons were left or the name and location of who the balloons were left with and at what time.
    • If you have provided an incorrect address (e.g. the address provided doesn't exist or the recipient is not recognized at the delivery address) and we are unable to contact you to request further instructions or if we contact you and the address you provided was incorrect and you provide us with a new address to deliver to which is not in the immediate area, we will take the balloons back to our studio for someone to collect.
    • *If no collection occurs, unfortunately we are unable to provide a refund. This is due to the fact that we have made up the balloons, a delivery has been attempted and we have attempted to contact you.
  • Same day¬†redelivery is at the discretion of the driver on that day. If we are in the area, we may be able to re-attempt delivery if we have received updated instructions after speaking with you, but if our deliveries are done for the day or our workload does not allow someone will need to collect them.


Failed pickup

  • In the event where you fail to collect your balloons at the designated time, you will be given the option by contacting us to pick up at a time that suits our staff.
  • If you come to collect the next day or later and find your balloons have gone down or not in 100% condition, we are¬†not obligated to remake the balloons¬†to their original condition.
  • If your failed delivery order is not picked up within 2 calendar days after the attempted delivery we will discard the balloons.
  • No refund will be given if no collection occurs.


Venue / Business location deliveries

  • Once we have dropped off the balloons at the venue/business, we will attempt to get the name of the person¬†& location of where the balloons were left. Beyond this the balloons are no longer our responsibility. Refund or replacement will not be given on the event where 1) your balloons pop due to the room being too hot, or if it was an outdoor area and the weather is too hot or too windy, or coming in contact with sharp objects 2) your balloons were stolen by other patrons in the venue/business 3) your balloons have been popped by accident by other patrons or staff in the venue/business 4) your balloons were incorrectly/failed to be delivered to you or lost by the business staff or receptionist/office staff.


Refund and replacement 

  • For daily deliveries, all sales are final. No refunds will be given on change of mind or event cancellation.¬†Date can be moved (subject to availability), provided that you give enough notice.
  • Strictly no changes in¬†delivery date, items or within 24 hour of delivery.¬†Changes prior to this period are subject to availability and our discretion. If we are unable to deliver at the new date you have requested, no refund will be provided.
  • In the event where the balloons pops during delivery and we cannot make a replacement . A refund will be given on the item we cannot replace.
  • A refund will only be provided if any of the following are true & based on our discretion 1) We fail to deliver your order on the day you requested 2) We have delivered a¬†significantly¬†different product to what you have ordered (e.g your ordered birthday but got baby design, slight variation in color or size from website image is acceptable) if you incorrectly order the wrong item we are not obligated to provide a refund. We may correct the issue at our discretion. 3) We are unable to fulfill your order due to incorrect stock levels, production quality issues or an act of god event prevents us from doing so. We will contact you prior to refund being issued to try to remedy the problem. If customer does not opt for remedy the order will be canceled and refund will be issued within 24 hours. All balloons are checked for leaks or defects prior to being delivered. Once items are delivered we are no longer responsible¬†for their longevity. Please be sure someone is available to accept the delivery to ensure their longevity.¬†

Helium Balloon care

  • Helium gas expands in warm air conditions and contracts in cooler air conditions¬†or overnight. This is the reason not to leave your balloons inside your car, near air or heat vents, or in direct sunlight as they may pop.¬†
  • Be careful of unassuming sharp object inside the house that will potentially pop your balloon, such as chipped paint, cracks on the wall, ceiling fan, textured ceilings or pets. Objects outside the house such as tree branches, hot metal objects, rough pavement or brick wall.
  • Always transport balloons inside a bag. This reduces the chances, but does not always prevent, the balloons from being damaged or to pop.
  • Text (vinyl stickers) on personalized balloons may develop a wrinkles or bubbles, after several hours or the next day. This is due to balloon shrinking in volume slightly over time. Even with Hi-Float, the solution used to prolong balloon float time, this is unavoidable and is not a fault or defect of the balloons.
  • Un-inflated or popped balloons may pose a¬†choking hazard. Balloons should be kept out of reach of small children & pets. Adult supervision is recommended.
  • Balloons should be properly disposed of when finished¬†with them.¬†


  • Pricing may change at any time due to helium price fluctuation from our supplier. To lock in current pricing, we would suggest to place an order as early as possible to lock in your rate.
  • While every effort is made to ensure our website has the more accurate pricing and information. Should there be any pricing errors on our website, we will inform you and¬†we are not obliged to honor the incorrect pricing and have the right to correct the price.